Straight Talk – Promo Code, Review, iPhone and Other Details

by admin on May 13, 2013

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Most cell phone services providers have conditional clauses that make it difficult for a person to change the service provider if they are unhappy with the service. Having a no contractual clauses attached to your mobile plans is a big boon which offers the flexibility to choose a service provider based on the terms of usage and the location in which you are going to make use of the service.

Reputed Service Provider

TracFone Wireless Inc is America’s leading cell phone provider with over a 22 million subscriber base. This wireless service provider uses CDMA technology offering customers the option of choosing from a range of reliable handsets (Motorola, LG, Nokia, and Samsung) along with the prepaid straight talk SIM loaded on to it or if you have a compatible phone, buying just a prepaid card allows you to make use of the service.

Flexible Multiple Tariff Plans

Straight talk offers two no- contract plans

1. The $30 a month plan which offers subscribers 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 text or multimedia messages, 411 calls at no extra charge and 30MB of data transfer

2. The $45 unlimited plan allows unlimited talk time, texts and messages. If you are interested in international calling, by paying $60 you can enjoy unlimited international calling to over 1000 destinations across the globe.

The best part about opting for the straight talk plans is that you are not bound by any contracts and you do not need credit checks to subscribe to the connection.


Every wireless prepaid connection on a straight talk subscription comes with a host of features notable of which include

  • caller id
  • call waiting
  • long distance calling
  • voicemail
  • Bluetooth
  • downloads
  • international calling

Modes OF Refill

Straight talk-02

Straight talk offers the most convenient mode of recharge. You can pay on the move. The facility of online recharge offers you the facility to refill on demand. Local retailers like Wal-Mart provide a refill. The extensive coverage of straight talk service helps to stay connected even in the interiors with facility for refill. You can also make use of the auto refill feature to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted service. No more headaches of monthly bills and activation charges. At the price of a local call, you can enjoy nationwide coverage with straight talk.

Handsets Enjoy Warranty

If you are option for straight talk prepaid plans along with the equipment, you are offered a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Even reconditioned phones (those that have been made compatible to work on Straight talk SIM) can avail the one year warranty that is exclusively offered by Straight talk.

Facility Of Phone Upgrade

People who have a fancy for new models of cell phones can opt for a phone upgrade and transfer their straight talk number and unused minutes to the new phone without any hassles or losses.

The convenience of acquiring a wireless prepaid connection, the availability of multiple plans, the flexibility of being able to change between plans, easy refill, compatibility with the latest model of cell phones, low prices and the attractive discounts had widened the subscription base and popularity of straight talk phones.

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